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When You’ve Got Fabulous Brows, Heads Will Turn


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Discover the ultimate finishing touch with  matte finishing powder, versatile enough for every skin type. Each formula adds its own special effect but they all:

.minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines
.absorb excess oils
.infuse skin with a soft “photoshop” like finish 

How to Make Sure You Look Good in Photos – Devezin Cosmetics

Face Canvas / Face Primer – Devezin Cosmetics

Whether you’re attending a big event or just taking a new Facebook profile picture, you want to look your best. These simple tips will help to ensure you’re always camera ready.

Just about everyone has a digital camera within reach these days, so you never know when you’ll be caught on camera. Prepare for your next snapshot with these beauty and style tips for photos.

Love the Lens
What you may see as a flaw — a space between your front teeth, big ears, or tons of freckles — others see as endearing. Those are the traits that make you you, so use them to your advantage and embrace them with confidence.

“It sounds like a ‘duh’ moment, but smile,” says celebrity makeup artist Eric Devezin. “It brightens up the face and makes you appear confident, which can really make the difference between a great photo and an okay photo.”
 Confidence is essential, and if you’re having fun in the photo, your makeup and clothing will be secondary.

 A shiny T-zone doesn’t look attractive in any situation. Before applying your makeup, start with an oil-absorbing primer like Devezin Cosmetics Face Canvas/ Face Primer ($14.00)

Then, after applying your makeup, lightly dust with  Devezin Cosmetics Mineral Rice Powder ($22.50) Rather then having to carry around blotting papers to suck up excess oil throughout the day. This works exactly the same.

Emphasize Your Eyes
The secret is to focus on your eyes and add color to your lips and cheeks. “Since cameras and flashes tend to make your eyes look smaller, take your normal eye makeup up a few notches, and make sure to use eyeliner,” says Creative Director Devezin.

Use a black liner on the top inner rims of your eyes to make your lashes appear fuller, and apply a nude or white liner on the bottom inner rims to make your eyes pop.

Open up your eyes by curling your lashes before applying mascara. If you’re preparing for a special event, add some false lashes to the outer corners for a more dramatic effect.
Find Your Best Angle
  “You never want a camera to catch you straight on or sideways,” remarks stylist Emily Woods. “By varying your stance, tilting your head, or moving around, you can look ten pounds thinner.” Look at photos of your favorite celebrities on the red carpet and practice posing in front of your mirror to find out which angles work best for you.
Dress for the Occasion
“Since photos last a lifetime, you want to wear clothing and accessories that are simple and make you feel relaxed so you’re able to exude confidence,” Woods says.

Solid colors are timeless and a great choice for staged pictures — like head shots or engagement photos — that you’re going to refer to for a long time. Patterns may quickly become outdated but they can be perfect for capturing a fun, spontaneous moment.

Since you never know what angle you’ll be photographed from, you should think of a photo as capturing 360 degrees. That means the cut of your clothing matters, too. “Always go for cuts that are close to the body so you don’t add unnecessary pounds for the camera,” says Woods. If you’re thin, you may want to add volume with a full skirt or loose blouse. To appear slimmer, opt for tailored cuts or straight-leg pants.

Beauty Trends, Fashion & Runway Makeup – Devezin Cosmetics

Beauty Trends, Fashion & Runway Makeup classes This class with celebrity makeup expert, Eric Devezin focuses on achieving gorgeous results perfect for this season’s makeup trends, Editorial fashion and the Runway. Eric has been Key makeup artist for many designer fashion shows. Eric will show you how to create a strong and dramatic eye, Eric’s method for using shadows wet and dry as well as creating a flawless finish using Eric’s signature contouring technique. You will see the actual models at this session and later on the Runway…see the result in “real time” and witness the rapid transformations completed with speed and accuracy. It is vital when designing or executing these looks to have the makeup long lasting for multiple wardrobe changes and few touch ups. LA is the trending heart of the Fashion & Runway…don’t miss it. Contact us for availability and seating info@devezincosmetics.com

Flawless Corrective & Beauty Makeup Classes

Flawless Corrective & Beauty Makeup Class Eric Devezin focuses on achieving gorgeous results perfect for editorial fashion and the runway. In this class, Eric will teach you how to achieve a beautiful, strong, and clean makeup application every time. He will explain the techniques, products and tricks of the trade. Contact us for class schedule info@devezincosmetics.com

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