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Beauty Within Teen Esteem April 29th Northridge Fashion Center

Easter is almost here. High School Prom Season is just around the corner. What will you wear? How will you style you makeup and hair. Well No worries. I will be right around the corner at the local mall. I am partnering with several stores to help give you the look you desire.. whether its a Red Carpet look, maybe old Hollywood, or Just a girl in a pretty dress.. Let my makeup artist take your breathe away…

I was just thinking about my prom several years back… And I knew then that if I could make a person feel as comfortable and special as I was made to feel, and If I could help one teenager accept another who was ‘different” in any way, I would do something really wonderful. So, please come out and support our future leaders.. I can not wait to make a young lady feel like a million bucks..

Come stop bye CACHE at Northridge Fashion Center, Northridge, CA. Near CSUN.

Beauty Emergencies – How Do You Handle a Beauty Emergency?

You do it quickly and quietly. There’s not one of you out there who has not had to deal with a crisis at one time. You stayed too long at a party and it shows. The alarm didn’t go off, and there’s no time to get it all together. Well it happens to movie stars, models and a lot of other celebrities we admire. There’s nothing more traumatic to a model than being told you’ve been hired for a cover of the year, and you’ve just come down with a virus.(not to mention how upset your makeup artist would be) Here are a few tricks that can be used to handle these emergencies. Use them when you want to look your best even though your feeling your worst

Eye Redness Reliever – Take any brand that “takes the redness out” of the eye, and dab a bit onto a cotton swab. Hold it on the pimple for about a minute. These products take away from the pimple, rendering it colorless and invisible. I would suggest that you apply a little extra foundation or concealer in the general area of of the pimple.

Big Under Eye Circles – Apply a concealer a least a half shade lighter than your skin tone. Use it after applying your foundation. Mix a bit of blue eye shadow with moisturizer. Follow with foundation

You Don’t Have Time For Botox – Beat one egg white until frothy. Apply mixture to face and neck, and allow to dry. Rinse gently. Moisturize and apply your foundation.

Chapped Lips – Wet down lips with petroleum jelly. Remove flakiness with a toothbrush

You’ve Left Your Makeup Pencils in High Heat, and They’ve Become Mushy – Put them in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for an hour (it works!)

Devezin Cosmetics Eye on Beauty

Black Beauty is not a passing trend. Yet, over the last decade, black women have witnessed the rise, fall, disappearance or assimilation of beauty products designed for their specific needs. Instead, cosmetic companies concentrated their efforts on the science of beauty, resulting in technological advances in both skin care and makeup. However, the needs of the black consumer, and state-of-the-art technology, remained in separate worlds, until Now! Introducing Devezin Cosmetics, the first line that synergizes science with beauty and sophistication while maintaining its focus on a specific, yet diverse, customer.


As light creates color, it also creates form by organizing the darks into shapes known as shadows. the brighter the light the greater the value range and the harder the shadow form. The softer the light, the softer the shadows and the value range is less.

Notice that the shadow is larger than the object because the light source is so close You should also see that the shadow is smaller as the light source is farther away

Lastly, the shadow is very long and projected as the light source is placed at a low angle. Shadows are most intense right next to the object that casts them and diminish in darkness as they move away. This is due to the bounce light that comes into play as the shadow moves away from its source.